An accomplished scholar, Jean-Jacques Degroof has conducted research, written academic articles, taught multiple courses, and presented at numerous conferences and seminars over the past decade. Currently, Jean-Jacques Degroof serves as Affiliate Researcher at Massachusetts Institute of Technology�s Industrial Performance Center. Earlier in his career, Jean-Jacques Degroof operated as a Private Banking Manager, after starting as a trainee and advancing through multiple positions. A native of Belgium, Jean-Jacques Degroof co-founded a Brussels-based financial company.��

At the start of the millennium, Jean-Jacques Degroof was a founding member of Hub Angels Investment Group, LLC. Jean-Jacques Degroof continues investing privately, leveraging his research on technology entrepreneurship. Fluent in four languages, Jean-Jacques Degroof speaks French, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, and English.

Jean-Jacques Degroof pursued his undergraduate education at the Catholic University of Louvain in Belgium. After receiving his Bachelor�s degree in Business Administration and graduating summa cum laude, Jean-Jacques Degroof earned a Master�s degree in Labor Studies. Continuing his studies in the United States, Jean-Jacques Degroof attended Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where he procured a Master of Science and Doctorate in Management.